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        Forest health center construction project
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        联系人:陈  为

        联系电话:0431-81710096    18844575577


        Project location: Songshan forest farm,Songjianghe forestry bureau of Jilin province.Fusong County Baishan City

        Project construction scale and content: the project covers an area of 43.1 hectares. the health care center create complex set of forest health care research, forest tourism, Forest Resort, sports and health, medical treatment, pension services, forest delicacy as one.To build: 20 wooden villa. forest forest walking path along the cliff, mineral and plant aromatherapy spa Museum, tea houses, TCM therapy hall, dietotherapy health museum, snowy sunrise viewing platform, Changbai Mountain scenic view, snow hanging Changbai Mountain botanical garden, wild vegetables base, river fishing Park, star campsites, cold water fish stocking ornamental base district facilities etc..

        Total investment and fund raising: the total investment of the project is RMB 500 million yuan, of which the enterprise raises 100 million yuan; the fund of the industry is RMB 175 million yuan; the investment is RMB 225 million yuan.

        Benefit analysis: after the project is completed, it is expected to receive 500 thousand visitors a year, annual operating income is 200 million, net profit is 120 million.

        Contact: Chen Wei

        Tel: 0431-81710096 18844575577

        E-mail: 77260021@qq.com

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